An often ignored aspect of the lunacy that is radical Islam rears its ugly head periodically such as this report on Fox News:,2933,312895,00.html

This teacher appears to be guilty of nothing except possible ignorance of the extent of the lunacy of religious intolerance and extremism. I can only hope the self-righteous talking heads in Hollywood and the feminist organizations are moved to take up this teacher’s cause and storm the gates with their ever so publicized protests.

This is wishful thinking. There will be no protests or movements for support for this poor teacher from these elitist morons. That would require intestinal fortitude. As we say in Puerto Rico, monkeys know which trees they can climb. Easier to take on Christians who don’t retaliate by killing those who dissent or are critical of Christ and Christianity. Here’s an example; Muhammad’s life contains volumes of documented travesties and atrocities committed by the prophet himself. How many movies have been made on these subjects? Bestselling novels? Yet Dan Brown conjures a mythical conspiracy of Jesus secretly marrying Mary Magdalene and fathering an heir and this book becomes a hugely successful bestseller and a blockbuster movie. Devout Christians responded to this ridiculous conspiracy with logic and reason by debunking the story with facts. Islam’s response to this kind of depiction of Muhammad would be worldwide violent protests where hundreds would die as a result. We’ve already seen this with the publishing of cartoons depicting Muhammad in an unflattering light in a Danish newspaper. Ms. Gibbons, the teacher arrested in the above report simply named a Teddy bear Muhammad. She did not even select the name herself. It was a name her students voted on out of three names THEY submitted. It’s not like the name was intended for a stuffed pig!

There is another thing that has mystified me from the start of our war against Islamofacism. The complete absence of support from the feminists. You would think this fight would appeal to them as our success has freed more women from oppression than their own efforts, which have resulted in freeing mostly men. Of course the lunacy of femenino-fascism is equally without reason as its Islamic counterpart and just as dangerous. Both dogmas require blind worship at the altar without dissent. Dissenting voices are the DEVIL and must be crushed! Those who say that the feminist movement has not killed anyone are not taking into account the thousands of unborn babies killed every single day. Legally and sanctioned by our own Supreme Court. As Ann Coulter has said, all so they can have sex without consequence with men they would not want to marry or father their children.

So this British citizen is jailed and possibly faces forty lashes for simply attempting to give her students lessons in civics and biology. This is the type of lunacy and extremism our masterful Armed Forces are beating back every day of the week with their sacrifices and blood. Hollywood repays their efforts with movies depicting them as savages instead. The irony is mind bending!

Anthony D. Hubble

Author, Protecting Nahir

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